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It is impressive. Congratulations on a job well done.
Prof. Michael W. Barsoum

I am glad you will establish a new web site on Ti3SiC2...
Dr. Yanchun Zhou

Indeed, many congratulations for your web-site.
Dr. Jean-Marc Lihrmann

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We invite you to dip into the stream of information on advanced materials, such as:

Titanium Silicon Carbide & Related Compounds and Materials

... Ti3SiC2 was first synthesized by Jeitschko and Nowotny as far back as 1967. Recent interest in the phase is due to the availability of improved material from a hot-pressing route, leading to high purity polycrystalline single-phase samples of near-theoretical density. The structure has been reported as hexagonal in space group P63/mmc (194) with a < 0.307 nm and c < 1.769 nm. The Ti occupies 2a and 4f sites, Si a 2b site and C a 4f site. As shown in Figure, the phase consists of a layered structure with a double Ti–C block, each made up of two edge-sharing CTi6 octahedra. A square-planar Si sheet separates the double Ti–C blocks... ["Structure and Crystal Chemistry of Ti3SiC2" by E. H. Kisi, J. A. A. Crossley, S. Myhra and M. W. Barsoum.].

Aluminum Silicon Carbides & Related Compounds and Materials

...Crystal structures of alpha-Al4SiC4 and Al4Si2C5 may be formed by substituting SiC layers for AlN layers in the structures of Al5C3N and Al6C3N2, respectively. Aluminium carbonitride is composed of three structural components of Al2C2, AlN and Al2C layers [G. A. Jeffrey, V. Y. Wu, 1963.]. These three hexagonal layers stack alternately along the [0001] direction forming hexagonal close packing. Al5C3N structure consists of successive layers of Al2C, AlN and Al2C2, and Al6C3N2 structure of AlN, Al2C, AlN and Al2C2, respectively. If the SiC layers can be substituted for the AlN layers in aluminium carbonitride, the structure of aluminium silicon carbide will be formed... ["X-ray Crystallographic Data on Aluminum Silicon Carbide, a-Al4SiC4 and Al4Si2C5" by Z. Inoue, Y. Inomata, H. Tanaka, H. Kawabata.].

Aluminum Oxycarbides & Related Compounds and Materials
...Al2OC has a hexagonal crystal structure based on the wurtzite-type lattice. When written as Al·0.5(CO), it is iso-electronic with AlN, and, from that point of view, might be expected to have a structure systematically related to that of the wurtzite type... ["Study of the Wurtzite-Type Compounds. V. Structure of Aluminum Oxycarbide, Al2OC; A Short-Range Wurtzite-Type Superstructure" by E. L. Amma and G. A. Jeffrey.]. ... The structure of aluminum tetroxycarbide (Al4O4C) can be described in terms of a three-dimensional network of Al(O3C) tetrahedra which are associated by sharing edges and corners. In the unit cell of 4 formula units, the eight Al atoms in the general positions are at the centers of two tetrahedra which share an O···O edge. These double tetrahedra are corner-linked through the carbon atoms to form a continuous chain in the a axis directions. The chains are then crossed-linked laterally by the aluminum atoms in the special positions, which form corner-linked Al(O3C) tetrahedra... ["The Structure of Aluminum Tetroxycarbide" by G. A. Jeffrey and M. Slaughter.].

Destination of the ViP-Digest is gathering, processing and transfer of information on synthesis and properties of these materials. The ViP-Digest is made by scientists for scientists and engineers, in academia and industry. You will find here: references to very interesting publications; contact addresses of very important persons (noted scientists, specialists) and very illustrious publishers; scientists meetings announcement; and many others. Our information channels are many scientific journals and books, patent databases, proceedings of scientists meetings and so on, but there are lots and lots of knowledge sources hidden from us. Therefore we need your support. Send us the references (title, abstract) to your works, and we'll place this information in the ViP-Digest. This worldwide exposure ensures the dissemination of your important research! And ViP-Digest will be most comprehensive and useful.

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